Bristol Nature Reserves

Below is a list of a few of the Nature Reserves in and around the Bristol area. They are all open at all times, and there is no admission fee (although you might need to pay to park in some of them).

  • Badcock’s Wood – Woodland, streams and areas of meadow in north Bristol, with the River Trym flows through the valley.
  • Callington Road – This is a green area for walking and enjoying wildlife.
  • Eastwood Farm – This is a riverside reserve with woodlands, ponds and plenty of wildlife. There are also certain areas that are wheelchair accessible.
  •  Lawrence Weston Moor – This area is made of fields of wet and dry wildflower meadows. If you go to this site it is recommended that you take some wellies, even when it’s dry. For more information about this site click here.
  • Manor Woods Valley – This is a green space in the southwest of Bristol that is made up of wildflower meadows, woodlands and plenty of wildlife.
  • Royate Hill Local Nature Reserves – Beautiful and unusual, this nature reserve is located in Eastville, and is partly on top of a railway viaduct, and consists of wildflower meadows and woodlands. This site is managed by the Avon Wildlife Trust, and you can find out more information about the site by visiting their website here.
  • Stockwood Open Space – This site is an area of farmland located on the edge of southeast Bristol, and consists of meadows, hedgerows, ponds and woodland.
  • Troopers Hill – This site is located on a hillside near St George Park and overlooks the River Avon. Here you can see excellent views of Bristol and there is much wildlife to be found. – For more information on this site you can visit the Friends of Trooper’s Hill website here.
  • Leigh Woods – This site is a National Trust area which consists of beautiful and diverse broadleaf woodlands located next to the Suspension Bridge. For more information on this site please visit the National Trust website here.
Troopers Hill
Photo from the top of Trooper’s Hill