What we’re about

Bristol Nature Network is a community of of young people who share a passion for nature and the environment. Our aims are to organize events which bring us together to learn more about the natural world, develop skills, meet other like-minded people and spread the word of all the amazing activities across Bristol.

We also run our own events, and these include nature pub quizzes, debates and BNN drinks every first Thursday of the month. In addition we also run our own quarterly news letters to keep you fresh up to date!

History of the Bristol Nature Network

We recognised a need in Bristol for something that enables the passionate and talented young wildlife enthusiasts in the city to join together, take action for nature and develop their skills. The project was initiated by Bristol Natural History Consortium with funding from the University of the West of England and shaped by volunteers and interested others until, in March 2014, the Bristol Nature Network was officially born. Since then the network has grown, and we now have over 1,470 members linked to our Facebook site, over 1,000 members subscribed to our mailing list, and over 950 followers on Twitter.